How to install AirDrop on iPhone 4 and 4S


AirDrop is a method of transferring files wirelessly from one device to another device. It made its way to iPhone/iPad this year via iOS 7 release. It allows users to easily share photos, videos and other supported documents to anyone nearby who is using a supported iOS device or Mac.
Unlikely , it was made compatible with only iPhone 5 or later.. ( like Siri on iPhone 4S or later , not on older devices ) .
But no worries , iPhone 4/4S users running iOS 7 can install Airdrop by jailbreaking your device.

Procedure :

• Jailbreak your device using Evasi0n7 tool .
• After jailbreaking , Open Cydia. Once Cydia autosetup is completed , open it again.
• Click Manage > Sources
• Click Edit > add , enter this repo :
•Search for AirDrop Enabler iOS7+ in the repo
•Install it
•In the control center , you will find Airdrop.

Happy sharing !!
Happy New year 2014 !

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Mobile Substrate updated with support for iOS 7 and newer devices( iPhone 5S , iPad Air, iPad Mini with retina )


A newyear treat for all jailbroken users , the most anticipated Mobile Substrate tweak has been updated to support iOS7 and newer devices. It has been renamed to ‘Cydia Substrate‘.

This makes jailbreaking stable , now users can start installing tweaks which are compatible without any reboot issues. More importantly , iPhone 5s and newer iPad users will have a greater benefit.

We still have to wait for developers to update their tweaks , with release of Cydia Substrate we can expect the updates sooner.

CydiaSubstrate update will be available on CydiaChanges tab now.

Happy Jailbreaking !!!

Source : iDB

Most Useful Jailbreak Tweaks iOS 7


Thanks to Evasi0n for the jailbreak we now have the ability to customize iOS 7. At this time, there aren’t a lot of compatible tweaks, but the list is definitely growing. Along with new tweaks, a handful of older ones have also been updated to support iOS 7. At the time, most tweaks will not work with Apple’s latest devices. The compatibility issue is mainly due to Mobile Substrate lacking a much needed iOS 7/64-bit update, but hopefully that will be fixed in the near future.

Here’s is some of the tweaks that will help you get most out of iOS 7 jailbreak.

  • NoSlowAnimations is a brand new jailbreak tweak that significantly speeds up the animations found in iOS 7. This tweak is available in BigBoss repo .
  • DockShift is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you change the look and feel of the iPhone dock by allowing you to change the background.This tweak is available in BigBoss Repo.


  • Zeppelin can replace carrier logo with a custom one.The useful tweak can be enabled or disabled from a menu in the Settings app, without a respring required, and comes with over a dozen preinstalled logos. This tweak can be found by adding the repository repo.alexzielenski com to your sources.


  • CCToggles cydia tweak lets you to customize “Toggle” and “QuickLaunch” on iOS 7 Control Center. You can set visibility and order of each item.Available in BigBoss repo.


  • NCALLOnly is a jailbreak tweak which lets you remove the “Today” and “Missed” tabs from Notification Center. It is available on BigBoss Repo.


  • TabLess removes the Notification and Control Center Tabs from the iOS 7 Lock Screen.Available in ModMyi repo.


  • Simplock Hides the “Slide to Unlock” Text From the iOS 7 Lock Screen.Available in ModMyi repo.


  • HiddenSettings7 enables you to start customizing your iOS device to your liking.Tweak is available in BigBoss repo.


This not all , developers are hard at work creating iOS 7 compatible tweaks.The list is growing every day so it’s important to keep an eye on the “Changes” tab in Cydia for future updates and releases.

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Best apps 2013 (Free and Paid)


The iPhone has come a long way since it was first introduced. More than just a phone, it has evolved into a personal pocket assistant. Actually the credit goes to the app developers who develop wonderful apps to make our life easy and fun filled. Although there are a million apps in Appstore , there are some apps which turned out to be best. With the release of iOS7 , it has become more sleeker and simpler. So , here are some apps which has turned out to be the best. (List sports a Free and Paid app in a Category)

Mailbox ( free)
Boxer(Paid , $ 5.99 )

Sunrise ( Free )
Fantastical2 ( Paid, $4.99 )

To-do ( Reminders )
Begin ( Free )
Clear+ ( Paid, $4.99 )

VLC ( Free )
Infuse ( Free ,offers in-app purchases )
Gplayer ( Paid $1.99 )

Office ( apps to view edit word,ppt etc )
*Quickoffice ( Free )
*Documents to go ( Paid , $17.99 )

Video downloaders
( YouTube and other steaming sites )
MyTube ( Free )
Tube Downloader ( Paid ,$5.99 )

Momento ( Free )
DayOne ( Paid , $4.99 )

Beat ( Free )
Listen ( Free )
A3D Player ( Paid , $4.99 )

Finance ( Expense tracking )
Wally ( Free )

Twitter Inc ( Free )
TweetBot3 ( Paid $2.99 )

Best Photography apps and Games in the next post..

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How to get a blank homescreen on iPhone/iPod ( iOS 6 and iOS 7 ) without jailbreak

Requirements :
*Windows or Mac

Procedure : ( Refer the illustrated image )
Step 1 : Open iTools , Connect your iPhone/iPod to your PC or Mac.
Step 2 : Select Desktop tab under your iPhone/iPod in iTools.
Step 3 : Select smart classify
Step 4 : Tick the “ leave first page empty “ , “Ignore Folders “ ., “Ignore page 1,2,3
Step 5 : Click Ok, select “Sync to Device” .

Now check your iPhone , where you will find a blank homescreen.
Note : iOS 7 users , if you had nested newsstand app inside a folder , put it out before you do the process.


Must have tweaks iOS7 ( Update )


To start with :
Zeppelin – let’s you change your carrier logo .

Note : after restarting your spring board , add to your sources and install MobileSubstrate fix.

Also , Tweaks with no repo mentioned means , the tweak is available in default repo and there is no need add from other.

Continuing ,

*Dock shift – lets you customise your dock background.

*CCtoggles – lets you customise control center.

*Emphasize – let’s you change color scheme
Repo :

*iOS 7 adrenaline – speeds of animation.
Repo :

hiddensettings7 – additional hidden springboard settings.It can be accessed through control center.

BiteSMS ( beta Trial ) – a replacement to messages app with a lot of features .
repo :

the above mentioned tweaks works flawlessly with no big affect on battery life. Have fun.

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