iOS7- Battery saving tips


Background App Refresh
It lets apps run in the background while you multitask and continually refreshes content .To disable this feature, visit Settings > General > Background App Refresh. You can turn off the entire function or just disable that apps you don’t need to refresh on an automatic basis.

Location Services
Many apps — from Google Maps to Twitter and even the iOS camera — are tracking your location at all times. You can turn off Location Services completely (Settings > Privacy > Location Services) or disable certain apps one by one.

Selecting the System Services option under Location Services will reveal a collection of other app features that are stealing away battery life, including “Popular Near Me” and “Frequent Locations.”

Parallax and Animations
Apple has added a bunch of new animations and a parallax feature which makes it seem like the wallpaper can move behind the apps ,but they eat away at your power slightly faster. To turn off this go to
Settings > General > Accessibility and click Reduce Motion to ON .

Automatic Updating
Updating apps automatically drains battery life alot.To disable it go to
Settings > iTunes and Apple Store and uncheck the Updates option.

Turn Off AirDrop
Switchoff AirDrop when you dont use it , saves battery.

Turn Down the Brightness
Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and disable Auto-Brightness and decrease the setting menu.

Apple’s Spotlight search ( can be accesed by swiping down on any home screens) indexes data for easy access which eats up more battery. To turn it off Settings > General > Spotlight Search and disable what you don’t need, such as events and podcasts.

Hope these tips are useful.Leave your comments below.


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