Best apps iPhone ( 15-12-13 )


Mailbox(Gmail Only)
Mailbox makes it easier to organize, prioritize, and get to inbox zero. Add your Gmail account to quickly swipe to archive or trash emails. Scan a conversation like a chat. Set emails to “snooze” so that you can have them show up in your inbox later, when you are ready to address them.Its available for free on the appstore.

Sunrise Calendar
Hate your default calendar because its not feature rich.Here’s the perfect FREE alternative. Sunrise . the app features iCloud integration so you can now sync your Apple calendar and also connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and more to be totally connected for any occasion. Send a birthday wish on Facebook directly from the app and lots more.

Instapaper ( Free for limited time )
Chances are, we stumble upon a lot of articles during the day that look interesting, but that we don’t have time to read right now. Lots of services have cropped up to solve this problem and save articles to read later. Instapaper is one such app where you can not only save articles you found on the web, but the ability to follow your friends on Instapaper is a great way to pick up a few more, plus the Editor’s Picks help you find articles you wouldn’t have otherwise read.You can also export your articles in ePub format. Pocket is a handy alternative too.

Dataman Next
Have a Limited data plan ? . Feel to keep track of your data usage ?. This app keeps track of your data usage and its counted as badge over your icon. It counts Wifi and 3G usage separately. Its free on Appstore.

Wally helps you easily keep track of your expenses, manage your income, and set plans for your personal finances.InstaScan, which lets you scan and save a copy of the receipt for a transaction, and Aspects, which enables you to track the “why” of your expenses.It is available for free on appstore.

Ever wanted to download YouTube videos in 720p with just a few clicks.Then, MyTube is perfect choice.It is available free on Appstore.

to be continued..


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