iOS 7 hidden tricks/features


1.Burst Mode on the Camera
Burst mode can be done easily on iOS 7 by pressing and holding the volume up key of the device while taking a photo.

2.Blocking Unwanted Contacts
Avoid unwanted contacts such as creditors, angry people or exes from your iOS 7 device. Add the number to Contacts > Scroll down > Tap Block This Caller feature to deflect incoming calls, messages and even FaceTime calls.

3.Hide the Newsstand
Newsstand is something you cannot put inside a folder unlike with other iOS apps but on iOS 7, you can finally do it as Apple removed the restrictions behind it.

4.Single Folder with Unlimited Icons
iOS 7 folders can now hold as many app icons as you want inside a single folder only.

5.Swipe back to go BACK
Use a time saving gesture after sending a message, reading email or playing your favourite music by swiping backwards to return on the previous page. Make sure you are not inside the first level of the page because nothing will happen when you swipe then.

You may not see time of sent/delivered on your messages such as SMS, MMS or iMessage but on iOS 7 swiping left in coversation will reveal the hidden timestamps.

7.Make it BOLD
If you feel discomfort reading with Apple’s new thin font , you can make it BOLD.
Go to Settings > General > Accessibility to change system text bold, increase text size which support Apple’s Dynamic Type.

7.Increase contrast
You can save more of your battey by getting rid of blur effect you find in Notifications drop down and control center.
Go to Settings > General > Accesbility > Increase contrast.

Hope this is helpful. Leave you comments below.


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