Tips to secure android phone


Smartphones have become an important gadget in our life.It serves as a portal for our online identity.Hence it should be protected against hacking , malware attack and also losing your phone.Losing our phone is more than losing just our contacts . It’s about our photos,synced files,emails and messages.

All these information will be shared over the world if its not protected. Here are some tips which help protect your android phone.

App permissions
Before installing an app from Google Play, a list of requested permissions will pop up to show what permission the app requires. Apps require permissions to do things but not all of them are necessary.

Always read through the permissions to make sure they make sense and correspond to what the app actually does eg. an Flashlight app does not require a permission to access your Contacts. This is a real important step because not all apps in the Play Store are safe. Always look for top rated app with atleast 10k+ downloads with positive reviews.

Securing Your Network
One of the most important thing in protecting your Android is to secure your network. Try to avoid using public WiFi whenever you want to do something important like doing your banking online. As long you are sharing the same network with the public, they can easily sniff out your packets and translate it into actual data of your private information i.e. your passwords.

Avoid saving all of your Passwords .
Many users tend to save their passwords to online services and sites on their device, never once thinking about what it would mean to a person who got their hands on the phone. Avoid having all important passwords saved in your device particularly when it comes to banking or payment apps.

•Use Android In-built Security
You can have a screen lock and encryption enabled to further enhance your security. There are many types of screen locks available for you to choose from such as password, pin, pattern and face unlock, available in your Android settings. Even when setting pins or pattern locks, try not to make it easy for hackers to guess your password.

Locking your apps
It is necessary to lock your apps, especially the ones holding private information that you wish nobody but you could see. This is a second layer of security to prevent anyone from using your lost device particularly if they have managed to bypass your locked Android. There are alot of apps out there in PlayStore you can chose from.Always remember to check App permissions

•Always Backup data
We store most of our data in our smartphone which includes Photos , contacts etc.. At the event of storage corruption or losing our phone , we might lose our data.So a backup always helps. If you have a backup however, you can still restore your Android device back to its original state. You can choose to backup important information to the Cloud, your desktop or even to a flash drive.

Device tracking
Well, as the smartphone industry would have it, your phone is built to be trackable, via GPS. But, you have to enable GPS on your phone for it to be tracked. There are plenty of device-tracking apps for Android that can help you locate your lost or stolen device, some can even turn on the GPS on your phone remotely.

Remote wipe
Android provides ability for to wipe your device remotely. This is necessary, especially when you are sure that your Android is lost (forever).
You can wipe it , by accessing through a PC or Mac.

Hope this is helpful. Comment below.


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