iOS 7 jailbreak : How To Fix MobileSubstrate issue


iOS 7 jailbreak is out, Unfortunately, Saurik’s MobileSubstrate hasn’t been updated to fully support iOS 7 yet there are a few issues to be seen. For instance, many jailbreak tweaks disappear after the device is rebooted, while others simply never take hold properly after installation.

Saurik says , users should wait for him to get an update out that will fix the issues instead of using unofficial fixes like “MS Reload fix”, and he says that won’t take too long.

Saurik on “MS Reload fix”:
This is horribly dangerous: MSHookFunction is not designed to be used on functions that might actively be running; this makes Substrate get injected into launchd while launchd is loading launch daemons… no one should install this; it doesn’t even solve the problem remotely correctly for anything but SpringBoard/backboardd, and will end up leaving you with Substrate having been randomly applied to different background processes.

However a fix has been found that Saurik believes safe. This new fix in question is named “Mobile Substrate Fix” and is available from repository only. It requires your device to be jailbroken using the latest Evasi0n7 1.0.1 or have the updated Evasi0n 7.x untether 0.2 installed from Cydia. A7 devices such as the iPhone 5s and iPad Air are not supported by this patch. Though Saurik says things should work fine following this method, he does still suggest simply waiting for an official update to Mobile Substrate.

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