Must have tweaks iOS7 ( Update )


To start with :
Zeppelin – let’s you change your carrier logo .

Note : after restarting your spring board , add to your sources and install MobileSubstrate fix.

Also , Tweaks with no repo mentioned means , the tweak is available in default repo and there is no need add from other.

Continuing ,

*Dock shift – lets you customise your dock background.

*CCtoggles – lets you customise control center.

*Emphasize – let’s you change color scheme
Repo :

*iOS 7 adrenaline – speeds of animation.
Repo :

hiddensettings7 – additional hidden springboard settings.It can be accessed through control center.

BiteSMS ( beta Trial ) – a replacement to messages app with a lot of features .
repo :

the above mentioned tweaks works flawlessly with no big affect on battery life. Have fun.

Feel free to comment.
Thank you.


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