Tips and tricks for Android 4.4


Android 4.4 is the latest iteration of android from Google ,has whole lot of new tweaks making the OS buttery smooth and features which makes users happy. Some of the features are buried under settings menu. So, here?s a walkthrough of features in Android 4.4 .

Google Now
Android’s answer to Apple’s Siri, released last year by google. With android 4.4, it’s possible to activate Google Now simply by saying “OK Google”. When you’re on the home screen, simply utter those two words and you’ll be prompted to speak your next command, which can be anything like setting up an alarm , ask questions. Another way to open google now is by swiping from bottom of the screen over the on screen home button.

Developer Mode
Developer mode was easily accessible till android 4.3, but recently Google has hidden it away to prevent users from confusion. On 4.4 go to Settings > About Phone and then tap the “Build Number” section seven times. This will unlock the developer menu, allowing you to access a whole number of geeky features. But be careful on what you are doing.

ART runtime
Android uses Dalvik runtime by default, which is described as a “just in time” compiler. That means it does all of the application processing as and when it’s required. Moving forward, Google is looking to use ART runtime, which is a “ahead of time” compiler. ART is actually featured in Android 4.4 already, but it’s not enabled by default, you’ll need to enter the Developer menu to switch it on.

Your handset will reboot and it will take a short time to recompile your apps – you may even notice some stability issues , but on the whole, ART should be quicker and friendly on your battery. As more apps are optimised to use ART, you’ll find it more beneficial to use.

Record your phone’s screen

Taking a screenshot in your devices is kinda easy nowadays, With android 4.4 you have the ability to record video from your screen .
Using this feature is quite tricky you’ll need to follow these incredibly detailed instructions. Try it .

Clever Location Services

Till Android 4.4 determining your location was based almost solely on GPS, which consumes a fair amount of battery life. Android 4.4 now comes with three modes for this functionality.
Go to Settings > Location > Mode.
High accuracy-GPS+WiFi+Mobile network.
Device Only-GPS.
Battery Saving mode- Wi-Fi+Mobile network .

Protect your phone
Losing your phone is a painful experience – especially if it provides your Photos, Contacts which’ are personal which means that having it fall into the wrong hands can have all kinds of negative ramifications.

With android 4.4 ,You can remotely locate and wipe your phone .You’ll need to Enable it from the device go to the Settings>Android Device Manager, then turn on “Remotely Locate This Device” and “Allow Remote Lock And Factory Reset”.

This option also allows you to remotely change the lockscreen password, should you be too scared to wipe the entire device. In the event of your phone going missing, visit the Android Device Manager page online and you can choose to ring (even if the phone is set to silent), lock or wipe the phone.

Lock screen widgets
Lockscreen widgets are one of best features of Android,but in Android 4.4 they’re not enabled by default. To turn them on, Settings > Security and tick the “Enable Widgets” box. To add widgets, simply swipe from left to right on your lockscreen and tap the “plus” icon. You can choose from Gmail, Calendar and Google Keep, amongst other things.

Wireless printing
Android 4.4 has wireless printing built-in, with HP’s Cloud Printing application, you can print wirelessly. You’ll need a compatible printer of course, and only certain apps support the feature at present, but it’s unquestionably quite handy to be able to send a document through the air and transform it into a physical sheet of paper with only your phone.

No Animations= Speedy Phone

Go to Settings > Developer Options and scroll down to the Drawing section. Find animation scale (Window, Transition and Animator) and toggle them all to “Animation Off”. You?ll experience an eye blinder.

Dismiss an Bothering Alarm
There are few social situations where an alarm that you no longer need sounding during a meeting etc. With ,Android 4.4’s advance alarm notification system, you’ll get a pop-up notification on your screen
an hour before the alarm is due to fire, which allows you to dismiss it before it has chance to sound and make everyone on the meeting to look at you.

Process Stats
In Android 4.4, Google has added a Process Stats section to the Developer Menu, which contains all kinds of information about which apps are running, what processing they’re using and how long they’ve been running since you booted up the phone. It?s geeky and useful for users who would love to tune their device.

More tips ,
Turn off Mobile data when you are in low signal areas , because your 2G/3G radios eats up a lot battery for data transfers at those instances than at normal times.
Tip : Have an Wi-fi nearby ? connect to it rather than mobile network, saves battery.

Brightness ,
Use Auto brightness . Want it even darker? Use the app ScreenFilter which allows you reduces brightness way beyond the default level. It saves a lot of battery and your eyes at night.
Note: Don?t make it too dark , you can?t see a word.

Clear memory and caches,
By default you don?t have any app for clearing caches left by apps you deleted or still using. Download Clean Master , with which you could delete temporary files.

Finally , some tidbits
Avoid Live wallpapers, Weather widgets( and all those which you data).
Charge up your phone to 100% and recharge it only after it is about to die(say 5%).Charging it in between may affect battery life.
Calibrate your battery once in a month. ( How?.. Click here..)

That’s it Droiders !!! Hope the above tips are useful.
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