iPhone 6 , just 6mm thin !


Before the launch of any device from apple , case makers/suppliers guess what could be the new iPhone/iPad with little knowledge they know. Most the rumours were true in the past, like the Champagne color iPhone and iPhone 5C last year.

This year, Apple is expected to release taller smartphone , which with previous rumours is guessed to be 4.7inches.

Recently , One of such geeks, got their hands on one of purported iPhone 6 case , and compared it alongside the iPhone 5s and iPod touch. The interesting part is the purported iPhone 6 case thinness matched up with the iPod touch 5G perfectly. Also , the ( Volume and ringer/silent )buttons similar to that of the iPod touch 5G and iPad Air.


But , We couldn’t take this as legitimate news.To know what apple really has in it’s hood , wait until September. Until then, read rumours and keep thinking what the next iPhone would look like ?

What do you think about the thinness ? Tell us what you expect too..
Comment us below ..


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