WWDC’14 – iOS8 , OS X 10.10 and more


We’re just less than 20 hours for apple’s developer conference ‘WWDC’ , where apple shows up its future innovation on software mostly.New iPhones/iPads will be after fall.

So, what can we expect in WWDC’14 ?
Will the rumours we heard be true? We have to wait till PST 10 am to know it officially.

Here’s a run over on what to expect today ,

iOS 8 – Apple’s next iteration of mobile operating system. Unlike iOS 7 , it wouldn’t bring a major overhaul but polishing of iOS7.


• Improved maps with transit directions to all cities and new features.
•Siri improvements , integrating Shazam like feature into it. Like ask Siri ‘what song is this’ or ‘ show me the lyrics’ and more.
•Health book , Preview and Textedit apps stocked into iOS 8.

•Standalone ITunes Radio and HD songs from iTunes.
•’SMART HOME’ – feature to control home appliances through iDevices.

Mac OS X 10.10 – Yosemite
Unlike iOS7 , the previous Mac OS didn’t bring a major change. So it is expected this year.


• a flat, sleeker , simple design to OS X UI.
• Siri integration
Since it’s expected to be a overhaul , major changes to its stock things are coming.

However the rumours and expectations will be answered by Apple today. The event time for countries can be found here.Apple will live stream WWDC on Apple TV and Apple site or you could also follow live blogs from Mashable .

Check back tomorrow for an review of WWDC’14.
Leave your comments below.


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