iOS 8 : Continuity and Interactive Notifications


Apple has unveiled iOS 8 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.The new version of iOS, which will come to iPhones and iPads in the september, includes many new features..Apple even demoed the new features on WWDC, even all features are great, only few made developers go WOW ! .

Here’s a review of two great features in iOS8 :

1) Continuity

Continuity, a feature apple defines to connect your apple devices effectively and productively.The idea is that a phone, tablet and a computer should be able to talk to each other so that a user doesn’t have to do duplication of work. A user should be able to start some work on a computer and should be able to finish it on his phone, if that is what he wants.Continuity detects devices in your proximity and makes them aware of each other.

For example, your iPad can notify you in the screen corner of your Mac and vice versa. Next, you could be composing an email on your iPhone. And when you come near your Mac, it’ll recognize your iPhone and prompt you to finish your message on the Mac.

Another example: When you receive a phone call/text, you Mac shows a notification. You can accept a call on your Mac and it can even use the computer as a speakerphone.This even works for messages and all other stuff. 

Other than the calls and messages, Continuity features will automatically allow a Mac to create a Wi-Fi hotspot using an iPhone if the phone is placed near the computer. Currently, a user has to go to iOS settings and enable the hotspot feature. But Continuity in Yosemite will create automatic hotspot between compatible Mac and iPhone.

2) Interactive notifications

Interactive notifications is a  quick reply/response to your notifications, a long awaited feature from Apple users.

Example ,For an calendar evens, users will see Accept and Reject buttons appear next to a notification on their Lock screen or in Notification Center. So non eed to open up the Calendar app to address the notification.

Hopefully this functionality will eventually work with third party apps (i.e.: Replying for Whatsapp and facebook notifications without quitting what you are doing) 

So, people what do you think about these new features?
Comments is below.


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