iOS 8 : Extensibility and Quick type

With iOS 8 , Apple has finally opened up it’s operating system to certain extent for users/developers. Apple defines the feature/SDK as ‘Extensibility’


Extensibility , ‘Open In’ choices to share sheets.iOS 8 allows you to easily arrange Share sheet icons and even tell the operating system which extensions are available through Share sheets .

As part of its extensibility mantra, Apple has said that third-party apps are now finally allowed to install their own hooks to the multipurpose iOS 8 Share menus, making it a lot easier to add new sharing functionality system-wide.

In Share sheets, you can now customize the layout by tapping a brand new More button.

This takes you to a new section titled Activities where you can manually rearrange the order of third-party Share Extensions. This newly found customization capability extends to Apple’s own stock controls as well, like Copy, AirPlay, Print, Use as Wallpaper and more.

With this you will be able to remove unwanted activities which you don’t use and add activities you want to.

Third party widgets : Including in its extensibility , apple allows third party apps to have widgets on iOS 8 in the notification Centre.


Quick type and KEYBOARDS , It seems like finally apple had started hearing users mind on what they need. Like other useful features , apple adds QUICKTYPE to its iOS 8 keyboard.


Quick type is predictive suggestions which should help users type faster messages and emails .The keyboard will guess the next words users want to type, based on what they’re currently writing and offer predictions in similar fashion to many Android keyboard apps.
But what it makes different is , the keyboard in over time, will learn the way you communicate, get to know your favorite phrases, and suggest a logical next word. QuickType also learns how you type to different people in different apps.


Like ,if you’re communicating with a colleague about a meeting, using formal terms, you will get formal word suggestions. And if you’re talking to your friends , it will give casual word suggestions. Apple hasn’t forgotten about privacy ,none of your keystrokes ever leave your device.



As part of its extensibility feature, Apple now allows third party keyboards. Yes, Swype , Swiftkey etc will be making their way iOS 8 after fall.

Source : iDB , verge and Web.

So , guys what do you think about these huge features added to iOS 8 ?!


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