iOS 8 : Camera and other tidbits


Camera app

iPhone’s camera is example for the quote , ‘the best camera is the one , that’s with you always’ .With iOS 8 , apple has taken shooting and editing pictures much more seriously.

Panorama for iPad : Finally, Apple brings iPhone like panorama to iPad.

Timelapse on iPhone : With iOS 8 apple introduces a new mode: Time-lapse video into the camera app .
Just point your device and press record, and the app will snap photos at dynamic intervals to create a timelapse video , no manual speed modulation or editing required.


Camera timer : An oldie feature coming into iPhones through iOS 8. Now you can perfectly time your pictures.

•iPhone 5S like burst mode for older devices . ( iPhone 4S , 5 , 5C )

Apple it not stop with improvements for shooting alone , but also brought cool editing features to its photos app.

Editing in photos app
iOS 8 includes a “Smart Adjustment” tool. Through which users are presented with controls for light and color, each of which can be expanded to allow fine tuning of brightness, contrast, exposure, vibrancy and more.


When an individual adjustment is selected, a sliding tool appears at the bottom of the screen, allowing the setting to be tweaked and changes previewed on the picture in real time.


The cropping tool in the iOS 8 Photos app also adds a fine rotation function, where pictures can be rotated at up to a 45-degree angle. Aspect ratio controls when cropping are now found in a small icon in the bottom right of the the screen.

Integrated iBooks app on iOS 8 , with auto night mode by timezone.

Siri :iOS 8 brings ,
Shazam integration , ‘Hey Siri’ wake up hot word.( works when plugged to charger , works like google now ).
Now , Siri will write as you speak not write after you stop speaking.

•Private browsing per tab on SAFARI browsing, also adds request desktop site option into safari.


Battery usage by app , shows per app battery usage . Helps users trace out which app eats much of your battery.


•Now you add photos to notes in default notes app, also allows to BOLD , Italic , Underline your text .

•Wifi- calling and FaceTime call waiting.

Note : All the above mentioned features are iOS 8 ONLY.So , don’t comment us stating you don’t have in your iDevice running iOS 7.

What do you people think about these new features?
Comment us your views on apple’s new takes.


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