iOS 8 : Messages app


We all do texting , it has replaced our voices with letters via messages. And , for effective texting we need an app that gives us all , not everyone would feel to have separate apps for each feature , like one for group , share photos and videos and voice.

iOS Messages app is cool , with its sexy animations and UI the best stock app you’d get.However , it lacks features which people want on their texting apps.

With iOS 8 , apple has made messages app productive than ever. YES! Now you can create groups , share voice,videos and photos and a lot more. But , in Apple’s design style which makes it stand out.

Voice messaging :
Now , when you add a contact you want to send a text, the send button will automatically change into a microphone. Tapping and holding on the microphone icon with start recording the audio message and also display a translucent menu. You can swipe up to send the message or swipe to the left to dismiss the audio message. Alternatively, you can lift the phone to your ear to start recording the voice message or listen to an incoming voice message like a phone call.


•Share Photos and Videos :
Tap and hold on the Camera icon to display a new translucent menu as you can see below. You can take an instant photo and send it by swiping up or take a video by swiping to the right. It may take some time getting used to, but it is certainly more intuitive and faster than the previous workflow of tapping on the Camera button, then tapping on “Take Photo or Video”, agreeing to “Use the Photo or Video” and then tapping on the Send button.


Group messaging :
iOS 8 also brings some enhancements to group messaging. You will finally be able to rename a group conversation in iOS 8 so that you can quickly get the context of the conversation. You need to tap on Details, and swipe down to enter the subject to rename the conversation. You also have the option to mute notifications for a group conversation in the details screen by enabling the Do Not Disturb toggle.


Quick reply : Finally , apple had answered to the request to reply/interact with a notification without leaving what you are doing . With iOS 8 , you will be able to reply to texts right from the notification.With a swipe down gesture , you could send a reply.


To have a looks at all iOS 8 messages enhancements watch this video

Looks apple is ready with their basement to kill IM’s(Whatsapp, weChat) out there, except the fact that others IM’s are universal with iMessage exclusive to iOS.

So , people what do you think of apple’s new design changes on Messages app? . Comment us below.


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