Improve iOS 8 on iPhone 4S


Apple released iOS 8 on September 17. Most of us would be running iOS 8 on our devices except the jailbreak people.Many are already worried about its performance,battery life.

Everyone do understand , newer iOS versions take time to adapt on your device so it may lag at first. Later it will be okay. So STAY CALM.

The Big problem is for iPhone4S users.iOS8 being the last goodbye update from apple to iPhone4S, is expected to be little leggy due to low specs compared to other later models.Once you update to iOS 8 , iPhone 4S feels like so unusable.

Following these tips would help,

•DON’T update if you haven’t updated to iOS8.
•if you have, restore to iOS 7.1.2 before apple stops signing.
•Restore as new iPhone if you have updated via OTA, this removes old caches.
•If you have updated and you don’t want to lose the some cool features with iOS 8 by getting back to iOS 7.

Follow these,

•Turn off Recent calls/favorites in Settings>Mail,contacts>Show in app switcher > turn off both.

•Go to settings>general> accessibility> reduce motion> turn ON.
Now you might feel a little difference.

For more,
•Go to Settings>General>accessibility>increase contrast.

•Now, navigate to Settings>General> Spotlight > turn off spotlight search suggestions.

Turn off Background app refresh, if you haven’t.

•Now , Reboot(hold power+Homebutton till you see Apple logo)

After reboot,you’ll feel it’s better than before.

There are also some features which play really cool on iPhone 4S ,

•Predictive keyboard works great.(No lag at all)
•Photo edit in photos app , works great.
•Widgets work cool.(lags sometimes)
• third party keyboard works great.No lag observed while using swift key.

So, it’s a trade with performance vs features. So choice is truly yours. Choose wisely.Users?don’t worry apple will definitely fix the lag in few months like it did in iPhone 4.

The above post is TYPED in an iPhone 4S with swiftkey.

Happy day!


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