Downgrade your iPhone/iPad from iOS 8 to iOS 7

Eversince apple released IOS 8, users started complaining about the lags, battery life low Etc .But the good news is, Apple is still signing IOS 7. So users who don’t feel just okay with iOS 8, follow the below steps get IOS 7 back running on your iDevice.

Here’s how to it,
⋅Turn off FIND MY IPHONE in settings>iCloud.(Only then apple will allow users to restore)
⋅Download IOS 7 from here. ( choose the one which is compatible with your device). As of now, iOS 7.1.2 is the latest.
⋅Connect your device to iTunes
on a PC/MAC.
⋅Click summary tab > Hold shift and click restore. Navigate to the iOS file you just downloaded.
⋅Stay calm and have a cup of coffee until iTunes finishes restoring your iPhone.
⋅Once, restarted your iPhone/iPad will be running IOS 7.1.2.

There’s a catch. If you really wanna go back to IOS 7, get back quickly. Because apple might stop signing IOS 7.1.2 when you are reading this.

So HURRY UP people.

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