Apple’s WWDC’15 on Jun 8-12 


 WWDC 2015 — Apple’s next World Wide Developers Conference — will take place at Moscone Center West in San Francisco starting June 8, 2015. The keynote, which will take place a 10am PT, 1pm ET, will be used to announced iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, and further enhancements to iCloud and Apple’s other services.

It will likely also include additional features for WatchOS, like native apps for the SDK, new Apple TV hardware, and Apple TV SDK, and more.

Source : Macrumors 


What to expect from today’s Apple event ?


Just after a month of iPhone launch , Apple is ready to make next big announcements about iPads and macs. Unlike September event there won’t be apple watch like surprises but apple is expected to unveil some competitions.

iPad’s will take the spotlight in today’s event. From leaked news, apple will release
iPad Air 2 with Touch ID , burst mode, retina display , A8X chipset with 2GB RAM.iPad mini 3 could contain the same as in iPad Air 2 except RAM. Both devices will run iOS 8.1.

The leaked image shows iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 .

Yosemite and Mac :

After 4 months of beta life, Yosemite, next generation operating system of macs will feature a public release starting today or in few days. It would feature a flat design matching iOS 8. It would be a FREE upgrade for all users.

Also , apple is expected to launch a iMac with 27inch 4K display and refreshed Mac air / Mac books.

Apple pay :

Apple pay is payment service from apple , where payments can be made through iPads and iPhones with Touch ID in secs. Apple is expected to launch it today or October 20 as rumors claim.

iOS 8.1 is rumored to release today, but Apple may also delay the update to October 20. ( two days before the launch of iPads) as in the case of iPhones.

Anyway, we are just less an hour away from Apple event. We can confirm things in a while as Apple announces them publicly.

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Things to do before updating to iOS 8


Apple is all set to release it’s next iteration of iOS , iOS 8 on September 17.Every one holding an iPhone 4S or later and iPad 2 or later can update to iOS 8. To know more about iOS 8 , click here.

For JAILBREAK users,
If you are a JAILBREAK fan,stay on 7.1.2 since iOS 8 is currently not jailbreakable.If you haven’t jailbroke follow the below steps ,

•Download Pangu jailbreak tool from for Win/mac.
•Check if your iDevice is on latest iOS 7.1.2.

•Backup your device to iTunes.

•Close iTunes and other apple tools.

•Run Pangu jailbreak tool.

•Connect your device when prompted.

•Follow On-Screen instructions,in a min or two your device is jailbroken.

•Enjoy your jailbroken device.

For NON-Jailbroken users,
It’s an exciting day for non-jailbreak users.Because , iOS 8 has a whole lot of new features like interactive notifications,3rd party keyboards and more.

Tips before your update ,
•iOS 8 will be available at 10:30pm(IST)September 17 via iTunes and OTA.

•Make sure that you have latest iTunes 11.4, which only supports iOS 8 syncing. Download here.

•Next,If choose between your choice of update via iTunes or OTA. If you are doing it via iTunes backup up your device , click CHECK FOR UPDATE or iTunes may also prompt when iOS 8 is available.

•Setup as a new iPhone to make clean iOS 8 install, or choose from backup. Setting up as new iPhone avoids software glitches.

•OTA update doesn’t require your PC/Mac.On your iDevice , Navigate to Settings>General> Check for update> Install(Once available).

•After updated,on your iDevice, Navigate to Settings>General>Reset>Erase all settings.Connect your phone to iTunes and get all your stuff back.

•Difference between iTunes and OTA update is that, iTunes downloads the whole firmware sizing about 1.6GB.On the other hand OTA will only have changes which may have size around 500MB or less . So it’s your choice.

•Apple servers will be extremely TRAFFICKED today. So make sure you have High-Speed (Broadband connectivity/Wifi). Or wait for few days when you can update buttery smooth.

IMPORTANT: iPhone 4S users think twice before updating to iOS 8.Since it’s the last update for the device, it may slow down your device a bit as like iPhone 4 last year.From reviews on iOS 8 GM on iPhone 4S , performance and battery life is poor. So think twice before you update.